My Book Review

This is a section of my own personal thoughts and reviews on my Book Readings:

My Own Review of the Book I bought in KINDLE (AMAZON) and Google Books:

When i bought this book at Kindle, i had a complete different view of this book based on the title. I initially thought it was all about a library. As i started reading the book, i felt that it was about a library which as per the author is something which exists between Life and Death. The story of Nora and her struggles in life and her decision to move on in life with the experiences She has in the midnight library is just awesome. I personally feel that its a new concept and out of all the things which I liked in the book is – We do not have to understand life but we need to live life… At times, while reading, you may feel a bit monotonous, but towards end, it has a beautiful ending. As per the old saying goes, alls well that ends well. So, as i shared my personal thoughts after reading the book – The Midnight Library, i thought of giving my own rating of 4 star out of 5. Thanks once again for giving me to an opportunity to share my thoughts here on the book – The Midnight Library.

(Mainak Majumdar)

I read the book and though at times, I was surprised by the writing skills of the young girl, but I was really taken aback by the simple fact that we humans could go to any extent to win over our ambitions. It’s just not a book, but an experience shared by Anne as history unfolded itself through her writings. Sometimes, I feel that in life, we complain so much, even if we have everything. Those years of World War II didnot leave much choices for anyone. The victor has their own says and the captives had no option but to bow down and obey. Strange realities had been shown through this book – The Diary of Anne Frank and I feel this is just not a diary but experiences shared by an individual soul. I feel I am not a human to judge the quality of the book through stars as I personally feel that stars cannot evaluate an experience. The above are my personal views.

(Mainak Majumdar)

I read the book and I feel blessed after reading the contents as described by His Holiness, The Dalai Lama. The content of the book is wonderful as brought out by Howard C. Cutler. The book describes about getting happiness and how one can achieve the same. The book also tells as about ways to overcome loneliness. It also tells about one’s thoughts on how one can get happy thoughts during one’s illness. The whole idea circles around being compassion and empathy. There are times, when my practical experience in leading life differs from what needs to be followed as per the book. I sometimes feel that in life too much compassion for a family person is seen  as a sign of weakness. Day in and day out, if we always show compassion in our daily works and areas which need a little bit of strictness, it may lead, not getting the desired results. May be I need to understand the book better and I enjoyed reading the book, but have my own personal differences in the thoughts shared by Mr. Howard C. Cutler.  I thank Almighty that through the writings of Mr. Howard, I can hear the beautiful sayings of His Holiness, The Dalai Lama.

(Mainak Majumdar)

I read the book written by Matt Haig and I have a mixed reaction to the book. It’s not a story book but it’s all about a personal life story, which shows how depression overcomes a human’s normal thought process. Its a story, where any one who is going through the process has the ability to come out through the said experiences. At the end, the author comes up with a story as to what are the ways through which one can remove Depression from one’s mind and can remain happy. I gave 4 stars to the book.

Mainak Majumdar

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