Medical Astrology– Understanding Alzheimer Disease and Dementia from Vedic Astrology

It was for long, I wanted to write on Medical Astrology. I have written many articles on Entrepreneurship and Business Astrology and this time I thought of doing my own research on the disease Alzheimer and Dementia with the help of Vedic Astrology. Hope you like reading my thoughts. … Read More Medical Astrology– Understanding Alzheimer Disease and Dementia from Vedic Astrology

Ishta (Personal Deity) & You – A Vedic Astrology Analysis

In this world, most people are unhappy because they face many problems. Amongst all these obstacles, some get their strength and some couldn’t sail through. The question arises as what would happen, if you can’t go through the problem and the same persists. What is there in some people, who exists and fights amongst the problems and tirelessly go on with their efforts. What is that strength that helps them? Is it faith, is it their inner motivation or is it just destiny? Its difficult to answer these questions as I have seen many strong people crumble when mountainous like problem comes infront of them. They see the mountain and they think that it can not be moved. They stop and the world stops for them.

But Life Has To Move On and If One Gets Connected with One’s ‘Ishta’ (Personal Deity), one may get Peace and Strength to move on. Invite you To Read my Astrological Article. … Read More Ishta (Personal Deity) & You – A Vedic Astrology Analysis

Creation of ‘Positivity Support Zones’ – An Astrological Approach

As the world moves towards 2021, I thought that we need to focus on positivity and seek opportunity in areas, where there was none. It’s true that there is an economic slowdown which is a troubling financial issue all across the world. As Business strives to get success, the human effort to excel further increases. The world is now thinking on different ways through which our business can excel further. Corporate Houses are innovating new opportunities, which can help Business grow. That needs an applause of the tremendous human spirit, which are still fighting to get things done. As, we concentrate and celebrate the power of Human creation and Human positivity, I tried to find importance of human mind and the way we can bring positivity in our lives. 

This Article is about creating ‘Positivity Support Zones’. Read in Detail…… Read More Creation of ‘Positivity Support Zones’ – An Astrological Approach

World and Covid 19 in 2020 – Astrology Analysis

This astrological article is on Covid 19 and the World in 2020.
what went wrong in the World? What is the reason that so many people all across the world have to suffer as I write this article on May, 2020? Can Astrology provide an answer to these questions?

All these and more in my New Astrology Article. Log in to Read More and Please donot forget to share your comments. … Read More World and Covid 19 in 2020 – Astrology Analysis


Throughout the world, there is exceptional suffering by humans due to a deadly disease called Cancer. In many countries Cancer causes the highest number of deaths, second to cardio-vascular diseases. This disease has now become a house-hold phenomenon and with less cure and people who recovered again, gets back the disease sometimes. Early detection leads to a cure from this disease.

This article is on Medical Astrology and if any remedial solutions are available through vedic astrology for the disease Cancer.


Entrepreneurship Astrology

It was dark and as I moved home from my office, tension gripped me for my next day office assignments, which takes much of my private time. I had a strong aversion to these tasks which makes me shorten my personal time with concomitant anxiety, tensions and another related phenomenon. This is not a censorious talk based on the fact that I am a workaholic. Understanding this, one day I came across an unknown citizen of this mother Earth selling Tea in one corner of the globe who was equally tensed and with a smiling face managed his ‘own business’. Speaking with this human incognito, I understood, what does it mean to be an Entrepreneur, even though you are in stress, you actually work for your OWN organization or business. Read my Article on Entrepreneurship Astrology…… Read More Entrepreneurship Astrology